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      Aquarium Sand

      Maintain a Clean, Vibrant Fish Tank or Aquarium with Natural Sand from Classic Sand & Play

      Whether you love maintaining a beautiful fresh or saltwater fish tank in your living room, or you’re supporting a wide range of aquariums in a small pet shop, the right sand can make all the difference for your wildlife, plants, and decor accessories. We developed our [Brand] Aquarium Sand as a way to support both personal and commercial aquariums, so you can maintain a cleaner, more vibrant, more beautiful environment for all your animals and plants.

      Freshwater or Saltwater Support

      Fish come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and whether you love fresh or saltwater friends, we’ve got your back. Our versatile sand equally supports a wide range of fish, amphibians, turtles, axolotls, and other creatures, so you can add it to a variety of different tank styles or water types.

      Digging and Burrowing

      We love our fish friends as much as you do which is why our pre-washed, super clean aquarium sand is great for digging, burrowing, and playing for tons of different animals.

      No Cloudiness or Residue

      Nobody wants a cloudy tank, especially if you have colorful fish, which is why this pre-washed sand for aquariums won’t make your tank look cloudy, dirty, or unappealing. Classic Sand & Play aquarium sand is with zero fines. The means it’s been specially filtered to remove excess particles or “fines” in the sand which often create cloudiness or fogginess. This is to ensure a cleaner, more vibrant tank that’s safer for plants and animals.

      Product Details:

      • Premium Aquarium Sand (Substrate)
      • Cleaned to Remove Dirt or Impurities
      • Freshwater and Saltwater Use
      • Safe for Plants, Animals, and Decor
      • Available in Eight (8) Different Colors (See Above)
      • Washed and Kiln Dried
      • Available in 20-lb. or 40-lb. Options (See Above)