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      Answer: It is mined from the Florida ridge in the center of the state. Nevertheless, it is identical to most beach sand you will find on a Florida Beach. Because it is preserved underground in the Florida Ridge, it provides for better sand than you would find on the beach.

      Answer: It is the same color as Florida beach sand.

      Answer: Yes, we are officially certified nontoxic by Duke University Toxicology Department (ACMI).

      Answer: Yes. Our sand is ACMI certified nontoxic. There is no dust at all. Visit and email us at our website for more info.

      Answer: Orlando, FL

      Answer: Yes, it is, and the quality is excellent!

      Answer: Yes, it is a safe additive.

      Answer: We guarantee all of our products to be top quality. We offer money back for manufacturer defects. Per company policy, we will not be responsible for any returned shipping costs.

      Answer: Great question, Classic Sand & Play - Play Sand is ACMI certified non-toxic. Meaning there is no harmful material and it has been proven and tested by Duke University Toxicology Department (ACMI). It also produces no dust when in use.

      Hardware store sand is not certified non-toxic and does produce a lot of dust when in use. In fact, hardware store sand must have prop 65 and other warnings on it because it is not tested.

      Answer: To shape and to mold our play sand. It does have to be at least a little moist or wet. Just like beach sand works you could say. So, add a little bit of water and you are basically at the beach again making and molding your sandcastles and creatures.

      Answer: Yes, it is perfect. While Classic Sand & Play might be good for a lot of different things and projects it is most used for sand trays, bins, boxes, and tables. We are ACMI certified as well, meaning, our play sand is nontoxic and proven by Duke University Toxicology Department (ACMI).

      Answer: The colored sand is made identical to the way you would make fish tank rocks etc. The grain of the sand is infused never coated. Making for much better quality. It also will never blemish your hands or clothes when wet.

      Just like the natural play sand the colored play sand is ACMI non-toxic tested and approved.

      Answer: When wet or moist this sand will stick together much like sand on a beach does.

      Answer: We sell 20- and 40-pound bags. As well as a 15-pound multipack. We can also provide and ship much larger quantities as needed starting with 1,000, 3,000, and 4,000-pound bags. All the way up to truck loads. Email us on our website for quotes and more info on that.

      Answer: Yes, it is perfect. The 30/45 grain and the quality of the sand make it easy to rake and make Zen with.