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      Pool Filter Sand

      Keep Your Pool Clean and Filtering Efficiently with Classic Sand & Play Pool Filter Sand

      As you uncover your pool for summertime enjoyment, ensuring proper filtration is essential for maintaining clear water. Our Classic Sand & Play Silica Pool Filter Sand is designed to optimize your pool's filtration process, supporting a clean and inviting swimming environment throughout the season. It aids in the removal of unwanted particles to provide effective filtration.

      Preserve a Clean, Beautiful Pool

      Be it a small pool in your backyard or the local pool where everyone comes to have some summer fun the right pool filter sand can make all the difference when it comes to keeping it clean and ensuring it looks bright and beautiful. Which is vital for making it feel comfortable for you and any guests.

      Completely Natural The biggest benefit to our sand is that it’s 100% natural with no additives or fillers, so you can be sure that you’re creating a high-quality, well-balanced pool environment.

      Maintain pH Balance

      Using our premium pool filter sand contributes to the removal of dirt, debris, and oils from your pool water, which facilitates easier maintenance of pH balance in conjunction with chlorine or cleaning products.

      Product Details:

      • Silica Pool Filter Sand for Above and Inground Pools
      • Residential and Commercial Use
      • Helps Improve Filtration Process
      • No Clogging or Clumping
      • Easy Application and Universal Support
      • Pre-Washed and Kiln Dried
      • Compatible with All Sand Filters
      • Available in 20-lb. or 40-lb. Options (See Above)